Why choose Full-service CRO for your research?

Why choose Full-service CRO for your research?

In the world of clinical research and drug development, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) play a crucial role. Comprehensive CROs stand out as experienced partners, guiding the entire clinical trial process. This article explains what a full-service CRO is, the services it offers, and the benefits it brings to pharmaceutical companies.

What does “full-service” CRO mean?

A full-service CRO provides comprehensive support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies at every stage of drug development. Unlike niche providers, full-service CROs offer complete solutions covering all aspects of clinical trials and development. CROs can be divided into two types:

Niche CROs typically specialize in specific services, such as biostatistics, data management, or pharmacovigilance. While they can offer a high level of specialization, working with multiple niche providers can lead to coordination issues and increased costs.

Full-service CROs are subject to regulations governing clinical research and are regularly audited by appropriate authorities. They offer a wide range of services at every stage of the drug lifecycle, including:

  • comprehensive study oversight: from planning to completion,
  • assistance in developing effective and regulatory-compliant study designs,
  • support navigating the complex processes of regulatory submissions and approvals,
  • clinical trial initiation,
  • patient recruitment and retention,
  • selection and monitoring of study sites to ensure data quality,
  • collection, management, and analysis of clinical data,
  • preparation of key documents, such as study reports and regulatory submissions,
  • monitoring the safety of trial participants,
  • logistics and supply chain management,
  • quality control to maintain the integrity of the study,
  • regular communication with study sites, providing support and ensuring protocol compliance.

Do you need a full-service CRO?

The decision to work with a full-service CRO depends on the complexity of the trials, available resources, and the sponsor’s strategic goals. A full-service CRO offers an integrated approach, which can expedite study execution and reduce costs. The benefits of working with a full-service CRO include:

  • expertise and experience in drug development and regulatory compliance,
  • cost efficiency,
  • time savings,
  • risk minimization,
  • flexibility and scalability,
  • focus on core competencies.

A technology-driven full-service CRO

BioStat is a commercial research unit with the status of a Research and Development Center. We are a Polish CRO (Contract Research Organization) that provides comprehensive services for commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. We specialize in Phase I-IV trials and observational studies. Operating in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, BioStat can support you through the entire clinical development process or provide additional specialized support. Our team of experts excels in planning and conducting clinical trials and navigating the regulatory approval process.


Ready to partner with a full-service CRO? Contact BioStat today for expert guidance and support in your clinical research endeavors.